• Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-IV 3060 Photocopier

fuji xerox ApeosPort-IV 3060


DocuCentre-IV 3065/3060/2060

Copy Function

Item Description
Type Console type
Memory System Memory: 1GB (Max. 2GB)
Page Memory: 512MB
HDD Extension Kit Optional,160GB (User enable area 40GB)
Color Capability NA
Scanning Resolution 600 x 600dpi
Printing Resolution 600 x 600dpi,2,400 dpi x 600dpi equivalent (image enhancement)
Halftone/Printable Colors 256 shades of Gray scales
Warm-up Time DC (w/o HDD Extension Kit): 14 sec or less (The Power on case),25 sec or less (The Main Power on case)
CP/CF (w/ HDD Extension Kit): 23 sec or less (The Power on case),32 sec or less (The Main Power on case)
Original Paper Size Max. 297x432mm (A3,11x17") for both sheet original and book original
Output Paper 
Max. Standard size: A3 (297 x 420mm),11x17" (279 x 431.8mm),Non-standard size: 297 x 431.8mm
Min. [Tray 1-4] Standard size: A5 (148 x 210mm),Non-standard size: 139.7 x 182mm [Bypass] 88.9 x 98.4 mm
Image loss Within 4mm for lead edge,Within 4mm for trail edge,Within 4mm for rear/front side
Output Paper 
Weight *1
Tray Tray1: 60 to 105gsm,Tray2: 60 to 215gsm
Tray 3&4 (2TM,TTM): 60 to 215gsm
Bypass Tray 60 - 215gsm
First Copy Output Time 25/30ppm model: 4.2 sec or less*,35ppm model: 4.0 sec or less*
* Power is on,Engine motor is not running,Fuser is ready,Laser scanner motor (ROS) is ready,Paper size and feeding orientation: A4 or 8.5x11 LEF,Tray1,80gsm Premier or Business paper
Size-to-Size 1:1+/-0.7%
Preset 1:0.500,1:0.707,1:0.816,1:0.866,1:1.154,1:1.225,1:1.414
Variable 1:0.25~1:4.00 (in 1% increments)
Continuous Copy Speed *4
Paper Size and Paper Orientation Copy Mode Paper Tray (25ppm IOT / 30ppm IOT / 35ppm IOT)
Tray 1(1st) Tray 2 (2nd) 2TM
TTM (3rd ) TTM (4th) MSI
Plain Paper Plain Paper Plain Paper Plain Paper Plain Paper Fixed Mode
A4LEF 8.5" x 11" LEF
Simplex 25/30/34 25/30/35 25/30/35 25/30/35 25/30/35 25/29/31
Duplex 25/30/34 25/30/35 25/30/35 25/30/35 25/30/35 25/29/31
A4LEF 8.5" x 11" SEF
Simplex 20/22/22 20/22/22 20/22/22 Not supported 20/22/22
Duplex 13/13/14 13/13/14 13/13/14 Not supported 13/13/14
B4 SEF 8.5" x 13" SEF 8.5" x 14" SEF
Simplex 16/19/20 16/19/20 16/19/20 Not supported 16/19/20
Duplex 11/12/13 11/12/13 11/12/13 Not supported 11/12/13
A3SEF 11" x 17" SEF
Simplex 14/16/17 14/16/17 14/16/17 Not supported 14/16/17
Duplex 10/11/12 10/11/12 10/11/12 Not supported 10/11/12
B5 LEF 7.25" x 10.5" LEF
Simplex 25/30/33 25/30/33 25/30/33 25/30/33 25/30/33 25/29/31
Duplex 25/30/33 25/30/33 25/30/33 25/30/33 25/30/33 25/29/31
Simplex 15/17/17 15/17/17 15/17/17 Not supported 15/17/17
Duplex 15/17/17 15/17/17 15/17/17 Not supported 15/17/17
A5 SEF 5.5" x 8.5" SEF
Simplex 11/13/13 11/13/13 11/13/13 Not supported 11/13/13
Duplex 11/13/13 11/13/13 11/13/13 Not supported 11/13/13
Simplex Not supported 25/29/31
Duplex Not supported 25/29/31
Continuous Copy*4 999 copies
Output Tray Capacity*3 Center Tray (Exit1): 500 sheets (A4) w/o Exit2 Tray(option)
Center Tray (Exit1): 250 sheets (A4),Exit 2 Tray: 250 sheets w/ Exit2 Tray(option),
Power Supply AC220-240V+/-10%/8A,50/60Hz+/-3%,AC110V+/-10%/12A,50/60Hz+/-3%(FXTW)
Power Consumption Maximum power consumption: 1,920W (@240V AC),1,650W (110V AC) (FXTW)
Sleep mode: 2.0W (@240V AC),1.5W (@110V AC) (FXTW)
Dimensions W 596 x D 640 x H 1,114.5mm (w/ DADF,Two Tray Module)
W 596 x D 640 x H 1,029mm (w/ Platen,Two Tray Module)
Machine weight DC Platen configuration: 59.1kg,CP configuration (w/DADF): 65.1kg
Machine space W 964 x D 640mm (With Bypass Tray fully extended)

Print Function

Item Description
Type Built-in type
Output Paper Size Same as Copy Function
Continuous Print Speed Same as the machine speed
Print Resolution Output Resolution 600 x 600dpi,1,200 x 1,200dpi
Data Process Resolution Standard: 600x600dpi (default),High Resolution*1:1,200x1,200dpi
PDL Standard PCL6,PCL5
Option Adobe® PostScript® 3™
Protocol Ethernet (Standard) TCP/IP (lpd,IPP,SMB,Port9100,SMB),Novell® NetWare® (IPX/SPX),NetBEUI (SMB),EtherTalk*2
Windows® 2000
Windows® XP
Windows Server® 2003/2008
Windows Vista® 
Windows® 7
Windows® XP x64
Windows Server® 2003/2008 x64

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-IV 3060 Photocopier

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